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  • DATE:
    Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014
    Elevate Martial Arts
    3020 S Gilbert Rd #6
    Chandler, AZ 85286

Tournament Start Times

  • 9 am Black Belts
  • 11 am Beginner Belts
  • 1 pm Intermediate Belts
  • 3pm Advanced Belts

No Division Will Start Before The Posted Time But Could Start After That Time!


All Judges Are Certified Black Belts and Must Attend A Certified judges Meeting Prior to the Event.


Sparring rules: First person with 7 points or most points after 2 minutes. Kicks to target area are 2 points. Punches to target area are 1 point. Head Gear With FACE GUARD and RIB GUARDS are required for all youth sparring. Groin is not a target area.

Uniforms: All Competitors must wear a Complete Uniform / No T-Shirts!

Safety Equipment: Approved head with face guard, foot, hand, rib, & mouth piece. Males must also wear a groin cup.

Age & Rank Rule: If a Competitor has a Birthdate After June 30th, they can stay at their current division. If you change divisions, you will loose your points.


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